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In Nov 2016, MGES RESOURCES SDN.BHD. was established to provide the best and professional services in the field of roadwork constructions. MGES RESOURCES SDN.BHD. has obtained a registration certificate Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) recognized by the government in setting things relevant to companies and businesses as well as trade to the law that has been administered.

The company has various types of roadwork machines that can help customers to meet their needs. They are roadwork paver machine, tyre roller, roadwork milling machine, bobcat, lorries and many more.

The company also provides skillful and experienced labours. In addition, the company also provides leasing services for some of the roadworks machines.

After several years of operation, MGES RESOURCES SDN.BHD. has made various sales sessions and purchases. MGES RESOURCES SDN.BHD. has succeeded in strengthening the position of the company at the same time enhances the reputation of the company in the field involved.

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Refined Palm Oil

Refined Palm Oil

Edible palm oil – cooking and frying oils has always been the largest in demand worldwide with its highly nutritious value in the food industry.



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Vegetable fats’ origins are from plant-based sources and not from animals, and they are extracted from the seeds of the specific plants.

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